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Tips for Better Team Building Activities

September 3, 2015 People & Society  No comments

It is a waste of precious working time and hard-earned money to go for a team building event that won’t have any effect. Team building activities are meant to help the organization’s bottom line – increase productivity. It should cement working relations among employees, and between the employees and their managers. A good team building event should help to foster closer relationships. It should also increase motivation and enhance performance of the employees. Having a successful team building activity is dependent on its planning. The event might end up being be a total flop and waste of time simply because of improper planning. So, how do you increase the success rates of your team building programs? Keep on reading.

Set a budget and goals

How much do you want to spend on the event? And, what do you want to achieve from it? Are you seeking to reward your employees for hitting the yearly targets? Do you want them to socialize and know each other better? Or do you want to create a spirit of togetherness in the workplace? Setting the goals and the budget will set the pace for the team building program.

Set a convenient time

One of the reasons why team building activities fail is setting the event on the wrong day. When picking a date, keep your employees’ personal obligations and schedules in mind. It would be ideal to pick a working day as this will not interfere with anyone’s personal time. You might consider the cost implication of skipping work just to play and have fun, but the rewards will be worth the sacrifice. It is also important to set convenient time during the event day. For instance, if you have team members with kids in school, makes sure that the program does not interfere with pick-up time.

Reduce their workload

You don’t want your team members being absent-minded during the event as they think of the workload awaiting them at home. Put less on their table that week. Reschedule their project deadlines or reduce their sales targets that week to take into account that time that is going to be spent during the team building event.

Hire a professional

If you do not have experience in hosting team building activities or you barely have time to plan for it, consider hiring a professional team building facilitator. A good facilitator can be the ultimate solution to having a successful team building program. They know the exact games and activities to use to help you achieve your goal. When choosing a facilitator, look for their training background, experience and have a preview of their past events.

Be creative and make it interesting

Unique and fun activities are the best way to achieve success in your team building program. It does not have to be the usual hike on the mountain or volleyball at the beach; try something completely new. This can be anything from visiting a concert to taking a short art or cooking class to watching a movie together to going wake-boarding. You might want to consider the fitness levels and the interests of your team members when deciding on the activity.

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Tips for Finding Cheap Scrapbooking Supplies

September 1, 2015 Crafts & Hobbies  No comments

Scrapbooking is a widely held hobby that is enjoyed by over 25% of people globally.  However, scrap booking is not really a cheap hobby. This is because there are countless papers, tools, ribbons and punches and not adequate cash to go around. Below are some guidelines that will help you get cheap scrapbooking supplies Sydney residents trust.

You should never pass a coupon or sale that is 50% off or more.

Making use of discount sales can help you to save cash. Many craft and hobby stores usually offer about 40% discount for purchases made. Always check any discount ads and if you spot a 50% discount you should not pass it. This also applies to coupons. You should never let your coupons expire because you can use them to get yourself a new paper pad or even that paper punch that you have always wanted.

scrapbooking supplies Sydney

scrapbooking supplies Sydney

Frequent local swap meet, yard sales and flea market.

These markets will definitely have loads people who want to sell off their products. Furthermore, you will find craft supplies at a very cheap price. Be sure to always keep your eyes wide open for any Sydney scrapbooking supplies. This is because most people are always willing to sell their items in bulk and this can be a good deal for you especially if they have unique supplies.

Always buy from unexpected stores.

It is not advisable for you to always shop at hobby and craft shops for your craft supplies. This is because most of the products in shops can be quite costly.  However, you can save some money by getting your supplies at stores that do not necessary sell scrapbooking supplies only. Furthermore, you may end up getting unique and useful items that may be beneficial to your hobby.

Check online for expensive items.

When you are shopping for expensive supplies, it is advisable that you check online. Most online stores will offer cheap prices because of the low overhead they have. They do not have a store that is full of staff, therefore their operating costs are low. These stores will pass their savings to their consumers through awesome discounts. Furthermore, you will be able to compare the prices offered by different stores on the same items and this will enable you to go for the cheapest offer available thereby saving money when purchasing bulk scrapbooking supplies in Sydney.

Personally make your supplies.

When everything else fails, it is best to make your scrapbooking supplies. There are various resources available that will assist you in making and customizing your own inexpensive scrapbooking supplies Sydney or your locale has for you. You can try printing patterned papers at home by painting your own customized papers using reasonably priced acrylic paints or by using free printables. If you own a digital cutting machine such as a Silhouette Cameo you can easily make all your page embellishments. You can also personally make your stamps if you have an Imagepac Stampmaker.

Scrapbooking has become quite easy with the advent of the internet. This is because the internet enables people to share their supplies and their ideas as well.  There are great blogs and resources out there that can help you enjoy your hobby more when you find scrapbooking supplies Sydney residents treasure.

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