Finding Cheap Hotels in Hammersmith

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There are countless things that a discerning traveler can do in Hammersmith – from classic Hammersmith destinations to great local haunts and attractions. Basically, you can sample attractions in Hammersmith such as museums, parks, shops, tours, clubs, and coffee shops amongst others. This city also includes extra unique tastes and experiences that will leave you gasping for more. Thus, this area has a myriad of hotel chains and other attractions that guests can sample including cheap Hammersmith hotels for budget travelers. Looking for good deals on Hammersmith hotels?

Hammersmith hotels

Below are some cheap hotels in Hammersmith where you can enjoy excellent quality accommodations:

Plaza Hotel

This hotel has been offering guests excellent quality accommodations and good value for money since 1980. Room options include single rooms, doubles, twin rooms, triple rooms, and family suites.

Guests looking for stripped down accommodations can choose basic rooms as well. It also provides excellent proximity to Europe’s biggest shopping mall, The Westfield, and other top attractions in London including Oxford Street and Hyde Park.

St. Christopher’s Hostel Hammersmith

Situated only a few minutes away from Hammersmith Apollo, this is probably one of the best cheap hotels Hammersmith. It is situated on 28 Hammersmith Broadway, which comes with breakfast. Average prices per night are €14.73.

Abercon House Hostel

Situated on 28 Bute Gardens in Hammersmith, this is another ultra-cheap hotel in Hammersmith that includes a wide range of amenities for travelers. Rooms average € 24.75 per night.

It also offers excellent accommodations with good proximity to some leading attractions and entertainment spots in Hammersmith, including the iconic Hammersmith Apollo.

Aviva Holiday Studios

This is an ultra-stylish accommodation option that is both highly comfortable and affordable. Rooms average 40.22€ per night. Guests are assured of a warm and welcoming environment, right at the heart of Hammersmith in London.

So Sienna Apartments

Situated on 38-40 Glenthorne Road in London, these cheap Hammersmith apartment accommodations offer guests an ultra-chic place to stay with extraordinary low costs. Free Wi-Fi connectivity is also included. Room prices average €64.91 per night.

Adria Hotel

Adria Hotel is one of the best Hammersmith hotels, known to be a jewel within the low-cost accommodation scene. This 3-star facility provides comfortable accommodations, along with attractive guest rooms for guests.

These are further festooned with numerous amenities, making your stay as comfortable as possible. Free Wi-Fi connectivity and breakfast are also available at this facility. Rooms cost an average of €55.07 per person, per night.

The London Grove Hotel

This is a well-equipped 3-star facility that offers well-furnished Hammersmith accommodation, along with a host of facilities for guests visiting. It is one of the gems when it comes to Hammersmith’s budget accommodation scene.

This hotel is highly affordable as you can get extra accommodation value for less. Room accommodations cost an average of €33.41 per person, per night.

The W6 Guesthouse

This guesthouse accommodation facility is situated within a very vibrant area of Hammersmith, which offers guests a wide range of luxurious accommodation options at relatively low costs.

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