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Migrating to a new country is never that easy; first you have to deal with the emotions of leaving behind your home, family and friends then you have to undergo the vigorous process of acquiring the right visa, permission and rights to gain access to your new destination. At LWSMA we understand the complexities and frustrations involved in the migration process, which is why we are dedicated to providing world class services that will make your migration seamlessly easy so you can settle in your new home as soon as possible.


What is LWSMA?

This is a migrations advisory company that comprises of highly experienced and qualified migration agents that provide a full range of immigrant solutions to help you in coming to Australia.

Clients are treated to a world class customer care service that listens, advises and offers recommendations to highly increase your chances of getting the right visa for the opportunities you are seeking in the country.

Australia is land of many opportunities and that is why it welcomes immigrants from all other nations to come into the country and make something out of their lives. However, in light to keeping the high social standards in Australia, the migration laws are strict and definitive so as to attract the right kind of immigrants to the country.

This does not in any way mean that the migration laws are set to make it nearly impossible for people to move into Australia. On the contrary, the country offers over a hundred and forty different types of visas thus greatly increasing your chances of gaining entry to the beautiful land.

Nevertheless, you can have all kinds of issues and limited rights if you have the wring visa; that is why it is important that you get help from LWS immigration agents Perth services who will help you get the right visa you need to enjoy your freedom in the country.

Why choose us?

Been there, done that!

Experience is a virtue at LWSMA; most people in our team are immigrants and have had firsthand experience, going through the complicated process at one time. Edith Leung who is the founder of LWS came into the country as an international student before deciding to settle after her studies. She therefore understands and appreciates the service provided by migration agents who helped her successfully apply for a visa. Now she would like to do the same for you.

Qualified professionals

LWS Migration Advisory is fully registered and recognised by the Office of Migration Agent Registration Authority (OMARA) and is a member of Migration Alliance. On top of being licensed, our team consists of handpicked individuals who are the best in the industry and share the same passion of helping immigrants move to Australia with ease.

Excellent services

When we say world class services, we mean it! In making your migration easy and less frustrating, we have four visa packages for you to choose from, these are;

·         Application review pack – ideal for individuals who have completed the visa applications by themselves or are looking to apply on their own.

·         Corporate service pack – this is designed in helping businesses retain their skilled workers or sponsor overseas candidates who are qualified to work for them.

·         Economy service pack – this package is for individuals who are confident to self-manage or submit a visa application on their own and therefore need minimal guidance.

·         Premium service pack – lastly, the premium package is the most comprehensive service provided by LSW whereby your application is managed by us from start to finish.

Call us today at +61 4 5002 9744 or visit for more information.

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