Hotels near BTS are most preferred in Bangkok

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Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is one of the most populous and expansive cities of the country. With numerous historical monuments, traditions, intermingling of multi-cultural people and mouth-watering street food, Bangkok is indeed a magnificent city where tourists from all corners of the world come to enjoy. Apart from tourism, thousands of traders, businessmen, company representatives and common people come to the city everyday for different purposes. Transport infrastructure of Bangkok has always remained very strong, with buses, trains and flights plying at different domestic and international destinations. The newest addition to this public transport system is the BTS or Bangkok Mass Transit system, which is an elevated rapid public transport system plying through 34 different destinations in and around Bangkok. As such, all categories of people – tourists or businessmen are now capable of reaching their favorite destinations very quickly. Through BTS, all major destinations in Bangkok, including the international airport are covered so that travelling through the city becomes easier. People who come from outside, especially tourists, now prefer to stay in a hotel near BTS stations to get easy access to any part of Bangkok.

Benefits of staying near BTS stations:

There are altogether 34 stations which are covered by BTS or skytrains. These stations cover all major destinations of Bangkok like Airport, National Stadium and Asok, etc. Also, BTS enables the travellers to access airport, MRT services and Khlong Expressway and Chao Phraya Expressway. As a whole, staying near a BTS station is the best way to reach at any destination in different parts of Bangkok along with other parts of Thailand very easily.

 Features of the hotels:

Multi- facility hotels are available in almost all BTS stations. Tourists coming for various purposes in the city prefer these hotels not only for accessing skytrains but also to avail of a comfortable stay in the city. Here are the top features of a hotel near BTS:

  • Skytrain stations are within walking distance from the hotel. Accessing a BTS station enables guests to reach their destination more quickly.
  • All major external city-based facilities like shopping centers, banks, offices, hospitals and markets etc are easily accessible from a Hotel near BTS.
  • Reaching different destinations within the city is also easier.
  • Different categories of rooms like superior rooms, deluxe rooms, executive rooms and many other higher facility rooms are available. Guests can choose the most suitable one depending on their budget.
  • Most of these hotels have restaurant lounges too, where famous Thai and western foods can be availed as and when required.
  • Apart from these external facilities, all modern internal amenities like aristocratic rooms, 24-hour room service, and food delivery in rooms, free laundry services, free access to the Internet, swimming pool, fitness spas, car rental facilities and many other amenities as expected in a high standard hotel are readily available.

Ultimately, a hotel near BTS gives a guest a complete peace of mind as far as the comforts of living and accessing important areas in Bangkok and surrounding areas are concerned. With affordable pricing, the hotels are meant for all types of customers belonging to any economic category.

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