Motorcycle Safety Certificate in Brisbane: What’s and How’s

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As fun as it can be to ride a motorcycle around Brisbane, you must make sure you know what you’re doing with such a vehicle. Motorcycles are light in weight, nimble and can go very fast in little time. Having a motorcycle that is safe for the road is crucial and today you can get a Motorcycle Safety Certificate Brisbane AU has by getting your bike inspected. You must watch for how you are getting certified as well as where you are going when getting it registered for any purpose.

Motorcycle Safety Certificate Brisbane

Motorcycle Safety Certificate Brisbane

Getting Certification

Your Brisbane motorcycle safety certificate can be issued after your bike goes through a proper inspection. Many parts of your vehicle will be tested including:

·         The tyres and brakes

·         The steering features

·         Suspension points

·         The bike’s body; this is to find damages or rust

·         Windscreen

·         Lights on the front and back

You Must Display It

You can get motorcycle safety certificate Brisbane displays on certain parts around your bike. These include the following places:

·         The front forks on your bike can display a certificate.

·         The guard on your bike can also have a display.

·         The draw-bar on anything you use for towing purposes on your bike can also have the certificate.

You must always display your motorcycle safety certificate in Brisbaneor else you could be fined. You can be fined $550 if you are spotted using a motorcycle that does not appear to have any safety certificates on its body. A vehicle that does not have such a certificate must be certified immediately or else you could be at risk of losing even more money.

Where Can You Get a Certificate?

It’s not too hard to find motorcycle safety certificate Brisbane providers these days. You can bring your bike to one of the following spots to get a certificate:

·         A service station that offers its own inspection service can help.

·         Garages and workshops around the city work too provided that the Queensland government has approved of them.

·         Maintenance stations at motorcycle or car dealers may also qualify. This can work well if you bought yours at a place that also offers regular maintenance services.

How Long Is It Good For?

Your certificate might have to be renewed after a while. Your certificate typically works for much of the life of your motorcycle although it helps to get it inspected on an annual basis to ensure it is safe to ride.

A certificate will certainly be required if you’re going to sell your ride. A certificate will be good for two months or 2000 km from the date that it was issued if you are going to sell it. A professional dealer will have a longer option that works at three months of 1000 km depending on whatever comes first.

Your motorcycle safety certificate Brisbane is a necessity to consider when getting your motorcycle to become legal for use around the streets of the city. You can contact Safety Cert. Qld. at 1300 727 792 if you ever need added assistance when getting a ride certified for your use or visit

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